Getting Witchy With it in Salem

Never in our wildest dreams did we anticipate the amount of response for this signing.
So much so that we as Anytime Author Promotions had to do what we never thought we would need to do.
And that is create a waitlist.
Usually for all our signings we invite everyone! It doesnt matter what you write, you sign up, you are invited, simple.

It wasnt even days for Getting Witchy With It when we had to look for a different venue wich we found very quickly just a few miles from Salem.
And it happen to be in the old Salem!
2 weeks later we discussed adding Sunday so we could invite the waitlist authors for that day!
Wich we eventually did and now we wait.. 2 years for this amazing signing to happen!

Below i will post both banners for both days wich are subject to change!!

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